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Trosky Baseball is the 6th Tool Nation. 6th Tool Nation is becoming the best you can be. It’s a lifestyle, an identity, a spirit of excellence, self-mastery. It’s developing athletes from the inside out. It’s a culture where players and coaches work together, encouraging each other, holding each other accountable to the 6th Tool Standard. Being a 6th Tool Player has nothing to do with size, strength, age, skill, or physical tools and has everything to do with the mental makeup and the character of a player: the internal, intangibles. Greatness lies within all players and the 6th Tool Nation brings it out in everyone!

CPD takes players to another level! The mission is for every athlete to reach their personal ceiling both academically and athletically, transforming them both internally and externally. Coach Trosky has created the learning systems and models that will be used for player transformation through the Trosky Recruiting System / Trosky 5 Tool Development model / High-Intensity Trosky Boot-Camps / & the Trosky 6th Tool Mental Makeup – Character Development model.



  • Players to attend at least one in-person camp per year
  • Players to attend Monthly Player Development Zoom Meetings with Nate (Parents can attend too!)
  • Players to set goals, train, and test their 5 tools!

Being affiliated with Trosky Baseball has many benefits, not only because of the reputation, relationships, and strength of the brand but also because of what players, parents, and coaches receive from the program (see clickable information below).


Middle School Benefits (Ages 11-13u) "Benefits of Middle School Emersion Into the College Process"





SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK (Total Followers 100,00+)

  • Twitter: @TroskyBaseball 28,000
  • Instagram: @TroskyNationalBaseball 5,500
  • YouTube: Trosky Baseball 16,900
  • Instagram: @TroskyBaseball 19, 200
  • Twitter: Trosky/Kali/CoachAbe 2,000
  • Instagram: @Trosky_Kali_Baseball 20,100
  • Other Channels 10,000+


                 CPD BOOTCAMP

         Complete Player Development 

                 Body - Tools - Makeup 


The Trosky 6th Tool Nation “Complete Player Development Bootcamp (CPDB) ,” is a rare opportunity to be coached by one of the game’s most creative and brightest minds! 


Coach Trosky, a veteran coach, will be leading and guiding camp participants on their journey to reaching the height of their ceiling. Camp is about player development: Complete Player Development (CPD). Our 3-part player development model focuses on “BTM,” Body, Tools, and Makeup. Players will leave camp with a “Process” that will take their game to another level. 


Coach Trosky is a master teacher that changes lives. Don’t miss this great opportunity to take your game to another level! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT NATE TROSKY

Bootcamp Topics

  1. Functional Strength Training  (on the road routine)
  2. Flexibility Routines (baseball yoga)
  3. Mental Game Training (cheetah zen)
  4. 5 Tool Development (5T assessment)
  5. 6th Tool Development (self mastery)
  6. Body Assessment (strengths & weaknesses)
  7. Recruiting Insight (the right fit)
  8. Defensive Training (1st step / reads)
  9. Offensive training (the hunter)
  10. Reaction And Footwork Training (5 Star)

Camp Only

  • (1) 2-Day Trosky Camp $250

    • Camp Date: Friday & Saturday, November 4-5

    • Friday 5:00-8:00pm & Saturday 9:00am-12:30pm

    • @ 333 S. Mill Pond Drive, Suite 100, Lehi, UT

    • Friday or Saturday ONLY option $150

Silver Team Membership

  • Trosky Annual 6th Tool Nation Membership + 2-Day Trosky Camp $390

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